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Sonata Notes: Hybrid Work: Best or Worst of Both Worlds?

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While they differ on when and how often people should return to the office, most employers and employees agree that the future of work will be “hybrid”, with some people on-site and others at home, depending on the day.  A Vergesense survey found 74% of organizations intend to adopt some kind of hybrid model long-term.  

Sonata Notes: Beyond “Virtual Teams” – Promoting Remote Collaboration at Scale

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A recent study found that, while virtual teams are 5-8% more productive, remote workers spend 25% less time communicating with peers outside their immediate group.   This has some leaders worried that remote work will undermine the kind of cross-functional collaboration that drives innovation. 

Sonata Notes: Can Remote Teams Have Strong Cultures?

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Culture is an intangible yet invaluable asset for any organization.  When people feel a sense of shared identity with their coworkers and commitment to the organization’s mission, it improves day-to-day performance and long-term talent retention.  But what happens to an organization’s culture when people work remotely, instead of side-by-side?


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