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Sonata Notes: Is Training Ever “One and Done”? Affordable Ways to Extended Learning

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Training usually works best when delivered in small increments over a longer period of time, yet the logistics of in-person training tend to bias organizations towards one-time marathon workshops. How can we affordably extend the learning experience beyond a one-time event?

Sonata Notes: The Secret World of “Shadow IT”

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From Google Docs to Slack, cloud-based productivity apps are allowing employees to work from anywhere, get more done and collaborate more effectively in real time. While the convenience of these tools is a welcome improvement over old desktop software, individuals might start using cloud apps without the knowledge or approval of their IT department.   

The Rough Guide to Global Capacity Building: Quick Tips to Improve NGO Training


As a learning and knowledge management consultant, I particularly enjoy working with NGO clients who do important work in challenging environments.   From onboarding volunteers in the midst of a crisis to strengthening civil society in fragile states or operating health clinics in remote mountain villages, NGOs face some [...]

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