Project Description


As part of its mission to promote food security and livelihoods for small-scale farmers, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) collects data on the productivity and resources of farming communities worldwide.

However, many of ILRI’s front-line survey workers had limited experience with the tools and methods involved, impacting the quality of data.

ILRI contracted Sonata Learning to redesign its training and support resources, and provide solutions for delivering multimedia e-learning to training sites with limited Internet connectivity. The content and delivery platforms developed by Sonata allowed ILRI to achieve better learning outcomes and reach a wider audience, while reducing logistical barriers for learners and training staff.

Sonata Learning has been a valuable partner, bringing a great deal of creativity in their approach to problem-solving. They push the boundaries of what can be done with learning – especially taking into account the (technologically) challenging environments we operate in across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Iddo Dror, PhD, Head of Capacity Development, International Livestock Research Institute


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