Your clients’ expectations for training are evolving.

Sonata Learning can help you create innovative online training and coaching programs that do justice to your brand.
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No matter what field of consulting you specialize in, offering flexible online training and coaching options can lower costs, improve results and help you reach more clients.

There are three main benefits of online training and coaching:


Clients value your expertise, and would send more people through your program if they could, but budgets are tight and clients need to economize.


Clients often need to roll out training by a deadline (e.g., new product launch, new regulations).  Online delivery can reach more people in less time.


Workers today –  especially those in their 20s and 30s – want flexible, on-demand options that fit their schedule and preferred communication style.

We develop programs for leading organizations in multiple sectors.

Offer your clients a range of online learning solutions that fit your content, complement your style and exceed participant expectations.


We can develop quality self-guided content in the most appropriate format for your audience (mobile-friendly articles, videos and/or interactive e-learning).


We can help you develop the content and skills to deliver effective online training and coaching sessions via your preferred web conference platform.


Provide forums where participants can post quesitons that arise in their work and receive answers from their peers and your staff in real time.

“Sonata Learning has been a fantastic development partner for us, with an impressive combination of creativity, responsiveness and on-time delivery.”

Online learning for a leadership consulting firm with Fortune 500 clientele

Sonata Learning worked with Whitewater International Consulting, Inc. to adapt their “Strategy to Execution” program into a blended learning format combining engaging e-learning modules and face-to-face workshops in a way that reflects WWICI’s philosophy and personality as a consulting firm…

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