Management Skills for Virtual Team Leaders



Whether you’re leading a team that works entirely online or manage a few remote workers alongside your in-office staff, keeping virtual teams engaged and productive can be a challenge. The good news is that managers who invest the effort to master the online environment will find their teams achieving high levels of performance while still enjoying the practical benefits of virtual work.       

From establishing (and enforcing) effective collaboration processes to running productive online meetings and building a sense of shared team identity, this workshop will help participants adapt general management skills for a virtual context and master additional skills unique to virtual teams. Both new and experienced managers will benefit from the activities, discussions and insights shared.

Participants must complete either the half day or full day “Collaboration Skills for Virtual Teams” course as a prerequisite.


Half Day Workshop


per participant
Online Instructor-Led Course
(minimum 6 participants, limit 12)

Large Groups

Contact for Pricing

NGO/Nonprofit discounts available.


Topics Covered

  • Developing Effective Processes and Systems for Virtual and Hybrid Teams

  • Creating a Healthy Work Culture Online (Trust, Transparency, Inclusion)

  • Engaging, Motivating and Developing Virtual/Remote Team Members

  • Performance Monitoring and Accountability in Virtual/Hybrid Teams

  • Running Effective Online and Hybrid Meetings


Online instructor-led workshop