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Instructional Design

E-learning and video aren’t just about cost savings and convenience: done right, they can engage learners intellectually and emotionally in the same way as a skilled live instructor.

To that end, we help clients create online learning courses that actively engage learners beyond just clicking boxes and answering quiz questions.  Instead of just passively watching and listening, learners are presented with opportunities for meaningful interaction throughout the experience, from “choose your own adventure” style role-play scenarios, to critical thinking questions and assignments requiring learners to apply skills in the real world.

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Visual Design

Sonata Learning’s team has been recognized within the industry for the high production quality of our e-learning and video content. We will work within your branding guidelines to offer learners an attractive, intuitive user experience.
  • We can produce both traditional “slideshow style” e-learning and modern “scrolling style” e-learning with a clean, modern aesthetic that looks like the sort of premium content learners are accustomed to viewing elsewhere on the web.

  • When selecting photos, we make sure images all look natural and realistic, as opposed to obviously staged stock imagery. Any people depicted should reflect appropriate gender balance and diversity for the program’s audience.


Our clients will attest to the high quality of the writing in our online learning content. When writing scripts for e-learning and video content, we always make sure to adapt our voice to the subject matter and audience.
  • Case study scenarios/vignettes need to be authentic, and reflect realistic situations and characters learners will recognize from their own life/work.

  • When possible, we try to develop a storyline/narrative that runs through the entire course, providing examples of the skills and concepts that would be applied in familiar situations. Storytelling (as opposed to presenting concepts in the abstract) has been consistently shown to improve learner engagement and retention of material.


Our team can produce a wide range of video content for inclusion in online learning courses.
  • We often recommend including testimonial interviews with people like our learners who have successfully applied the skills and concepts from the course in their own work.

  • We can also produce animations of varying complexity, including Vyond animations.

Translation & Localization

Because we work with an international clientele, we are comfortable localising multimedia content to any language.

Additional Samples

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