The following are excerpts from just a few of the many training programs Sonata Learning has produced for clients.  We have developed most every kind of online, instructor-led and blended training, so if you cannot find an example of the particular type of materials you need, please contact us to arrange a demo.


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Sonata Learning Demo Module

Interactive Scenario from Job Interview Non-Discrimination / Legal Compliance Training

Interactive Scenarios from Risk Assessment Training for Child Protection Workers

E-Learning Module from Risk Assessment Training for Child Protection Workers

Articulate Rise e-Learning

Articulate Rise e-Learning from Alternative Ways to Address Youth training for Child Protection Professionals

Articulate Rise Time Management Training

E-Learning Translation/Localization


Motion graphics video introducing City Innovate and its range of technology procurement solutions for government institutions

Motion graphics video introducing Population Services International program design framework.

Motion Graphics Demo from Promotional Video for Online Coaching Program for Financial Advisors

Testimonial Interview from Resource & Energy Conservation Best Practices Series for Textile Mills

Video Translation/Localization

Instructor-Led Training Materials

Download a PDF with samples from instructor-led training materials. 

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