Supply the demand for information throughout your organization…

Knowledge Management (KM) involves a range of activities designed to help your workforce find, capture and share mission-critical information.  We take a research-based, “market driven” approach to KM, analyzing the flow of information in terms of suppliers, consumers and brokers. 

Our consultants will work with your team to improve knowledge management in four key areas: 

Creation / Capture / Curation

Ensuring useful information is documented in a format that can be readily shared.

Asset Management

Storing and indexing digital assets to maximize “find-ability”.

Markets & Networks

Mapping the “organic” flow of information through an organization, and taking action to address gaps.

Acquisition (Learning)

Formal training and coaching/mentorship programs.

Knowledge Management solutions that work for your people

One of the greatest challenges with any KM solution is ensuring the organization is able to maintain it over the long term. That’s why our approach emphasizes simplicity and prioritizes human processes, not just technology platforms. We will work with stakeholders at every level to ensure roles, responsibilities and incentives are properly defined to empower your team to take ownership of the KM solution post-rollout.

Knowledge Management Workflow Overview

Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint / Teams Implementations

While we can work with any technology stack, our team has extensive experience helping organizations take greater advantage of Microsoft’s productivity tools for data management, document authoring, team collaboration and more.  If your organization is currently using or considering a migration to Microsoft’s online suite, contact us for a consultation.

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