Humanitarian /
Development “AI Lab”

Join a small group workshop with other professionals to explore and ideate AI applications in humanitarian and development work

What’s the real impact of AI for NGOs?

Most people agree generative AI has the potential to transform humanitarian and development work. However, pinpointing specific use cases, applications, and “impact ROI” for generative AI in our programs can be a challenge.

To address this, Sonata Learning and our colleagues at Impact for Health, Smartseed and DevLearn are hosting a series of “AI Lab” sessions where people in the hum-dev sector can brainstorm and prototype humanitarian use cases for generative AI.

What will we discuss / do during the lab?

Time in the lab will be spent having group discussion / ideation sessions around the following topics:

Areas where generative AI can help achieve the goals / fulfill the needs of NGOs as well as their donors, partners, and clientele.

Ways generative AI can support NGOs’ human staff (e.g., through training, on-demand access to information, etc.)

Potential challenges with operationalizing generative AI in humanitarian/development work (IT policies, compliance, ethics)

What will be the products / outcomes / benefits?

After the lab, we should be in a position to:

  • Identify use cases for AI that could benefit NGOs and their clients
  • Define requirements for proof of concept prototypes to test with stakeholders
  • Approach donors to discuss developing AI solutions as global goods
  • Draft principles, guidelines, and recommendations for responsible operationalization of AI in the hum-dev sector.
  • Lead informed, productive discussions about AI within our organizations

How can my team participate?

The sessions will be casual and collaborative, bringing together professionals from multiple organizations and sectors. Each will last 90 minutes and involve no more than 15 participants to ensure everyone’s voice is heard (multiple sessions will be scheduled, grouped by time zone and sector, if needed.)

Use the contact from below and state how many colleagues you would like to bring to the session (we might impose a 3 person limit if interest is high.) Then we will coordinate with all interested organizations to find times of mutual convenience between May 13th and May 24th 2024

Join us to explore the potential
of AI in hum-dev work

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