AI Interactive Simulations for E-Learning
Woman training with A.I.

Give Every Learner an AI-Powered Coach

Sonata Learning will help you create AI-powered training simulations, role play activities, and “virtual coaches” to give every learner personalized support and feedback, 24/7, on demand.

Woman Training with AI

Deliver Personalized Training & Support with AI

Personalized instruction and feedback is the best way to improve people’s job performance.  Sonata Learning can help you deliver highly personalized learning experiences and on-the-job support at scale using AI-generated training simulations, “virtual coaches”, and copilots/chatbots.  Check out the live demos below!

Interactive Simulations and Role-Play Activities

Learners retain 75% of knowledge gained through simulation practice (vs. 5% from lecture) and acquire skills 35% faster compared to other training methods (National Training Laboratories, SHRM)

AI-Graded Assessments

Generate scenario-based assessments and have the AI evaluate learners’ responses.

Virtual Coaches / Point-of-Performance Copilots

Workers achieve time-to-competency 30-50% faster with personalized coaching and point-of-performance support (Corporate Executive Board, Deloitte)

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Easily Integrate AI Into Your Website, E-Learning, or LMS

We design all of our AI simulations and role plays with Parrotbox.AI – which allows you to easily embed AI interactions into web pages, e-learning modules and apps, the same way you would embed a Youtube video. Parrotbox provides a clean, user-friendly interface for AI conversations and learning-specific features including SCORM and xAPI reporting (click here to read more about SCORM support).

We appreciate Microsoft’s generous support in providing resources for our ongoing work developing workforce training and education solutions using generative AI

“Prompt Engineering”
is Our Specialty

Sonata has decades of experience designing training simulations and role play exercises for major organizations. Now, we are combining that expertise with the power of AI to help clients develop bespoke AI experiences that capture the real-world situations your trainees deal with every day.

The AI Advantage

Customization and Personalization

AI can tailor simulations and role play scenarios to a learner’s specific job and skill development needs.

Scalability and Variety

AI can generate infinite scenarios on demand, letting people practice skills and decision-making in a range of conditions.

Complexity and Realism

AI is more than a toy; at Sonata, we design simulations to be rigorous, realistic, and representative of real-life working conditions.

Feedback and Assessment

Our simulations include detailed assessment criteria, to help the AI give users meaningful feedback on demand.

Engagement and Motivation

With AI, no two simulations are exactly the same, and difficulty can be scaled to keep users motivated and engaged. 

Data and Insights

We use – which allows for organizations to collect data on training participants’ AI interactions for analysis.

If you think your organization can benefit from AI powered training, contact us so we can discuss what’s possible.

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