ConstructReach is a social enterprise & workforce development company that brings together general contractors, schools and corporate entities to help connect diverse young people to opportunities in the commercial construction industry.

Sonata Learning helped ConstructReach conduct a survey of the construction workforce pipeline and identify gaps preventing construction companies and diverse communities from working together. We then helped ConstructReach identify and bring together key stakeholders including contractors, high school counselors, university construction programs, unions and young people to participate in an advisory council and co-create solutions. Based on the insights from these sessions, Sonata helped develop a diversity-focused mentoring program for contractors and awareness-raising materials for high school and college students.

Since then, ConstructReach has been growing its network and sponsoring innovative experiences around the country to bring young people and construction companies together.

Screenshot from ConstructReach e-learning training
Infographic shown during Construct Reach e-learning training
Results of a survey shown during Construct Reach e-learning training

Sonata Learning is a company that I highly recommend. They are thorough, meet deadlines and provide a great client experience.  They have basically become an extension of our team.

Paul Robinson – Founder, ConstructReach