Turn New Users into Power Users

Sonata Learning helps software companies increase user loyalty and retention by providing high-value support and training across the entire customer lifecycle.

Whether you are a growing startup just beginning to set up a support and training function, or an established software publisher looking to upgrade your support resources and training programs, Sonata can act as your turn-key, on-demand learning team.

Accelerate Time-to-Value

We create effective training resources for your products to expedite new user onboarding, increase adoption rates, and sustain long-term use.

Reduce Support Call Volume

We help you develop self-service resources to minimize routine support calls and enable your team to focus on higher value interactions and Increase First-Contact Resolution

Enable Your Sales Teams

Sonata Learning can help create sales enablement training and marketing explainer videos to help your internal sales team or external channel partners / resellers communicate the value of your software to prospective buyers.

Educate and Empower Customers

Create training that goes beyond your software and helps customers solve real-world challenges. For instance, a marketing software provider can offer courses on SEO, while a manufacturing software company can offer training on process control.

How Sonata Learning Helps Scale Your Support & Training

If you need to rapidly develop high-quality support and training materials, our team can make it happen. Our expertise includes:

Training Development

Most software is too complex to be 100% intuitive. We can design highly effective instructor-led or self-guided training to get users past the learning curve and realizing value, faster. Self-Service Support Resources 67% of software users prefer self-service support over talking to a rep. We can create robust knowledge base resources that gives user the quick answers they need.

Support Resources

67% of software users prefer self-service support over talking to a rep. We can create robust knowledge base resources that gives user the quick answers they need.

Sales Enablement Training

We can provide general training on technical sales skills for your sales, presales, and BDR/SDR teams, as well as custom sales enablement training on your specific products and processes.

Educational Marketing Content

From quick explainer videos to full-length courses, providing education on topics your customers care about can generate leads and demonstrate your commitment to customers’ success.



Sonata Learning Software Success helped government procurement software provider City Innovate support a major implementation for the largest state government in the U.S. Among other things, Sonata helped City Innovate develop software training materials, a self-service knowledge base, in-app tooltips and tours, customer education materials on modern procurement best practices, and thought leadership content.

Female dentist wearing surgical mask treating woman. Male coworker is assisting mid adult healthcare worker. Medical professionals are examining patient in clinic.



Sonata Learning Software Success helped Mouthwatch update its support knowledge base, add in-app product tours, and create marketing collateral for its TeleDent teledendistry platform.



Sonata Learning Software Success helped Specure create a video explaining the complexities of wireless spectrum auctions and how Specure’s software makes the process easier for government telecom regulators and network operators alike.

Scalable Support For Your Mentoring Programs

We can also help you implement one:

Why Work with Sonata Learning?

We can help new software companies get their training and support functions set up properly. After which we can hand off the program to your in-house team (or even help you recruit and train an in-house team), or continue to act as your outsourced training & support experts. Either way, we can take the burden of training and support content development off of your product, sales, and support teams, so your people can focus on helping customers and driving growth.