Sonata Enterprise Success helped Specure educate government regulators on the intricacies of running auctions for wireless communications spectrum.

Specure provides software and consulting to help governments manage wireless spectrum auctions, where mobile network operators bid for the right to use specific frequency ranges to deliver next-generation mobile service to their customers.

While Specure’s EAS auction platform has been used by governments around the world, customers first need to understand the complexities of spectrum auctions in order to fully appreciate the platform’s features.

Sonata Enterprise Success helped Specure produce an explainer video summarizing the various spectrum auction formats, based largely on the work of two Nobel Prize winning economists. The video used animation and graphics to complement the voiceover and make the highly complex auction process comprehensible to anyone with a basic understanding of the mobile telecommunications industry.

As one of the few succinct explanations of spectrum auctions available on the Internet, the video provided Specure with valuable marketing content to share with current and prospective customers.

In addition to the explainer video, Sonata Enterprise Success also helped Specure create a brief user tutorial for Open Nettest, an open source solution to enable consumers and regulators to monitor the performance of mobile networks.

We chose Sonata to develop a series of explainer videos and other online resources, based on their excellent reputation. So far the collaboration has produced several high quality deliverables and we are looking forward to more.

Jozef Svrček Jr.
Managing Director, Specure GmbH