Terre des hommes, a leading NGO in child protection, commissioned Sonata Learning to developed e-learning modules on child protection for social workers, law enforcement and government policymakers.  The modules covered a range of skills and concepts, from assessing a child’s level of risk to engaging young people as active participants in recovery programs to finding appropriate alternatives to incarceration for juvenile offenders.

These programs presented a number of design challenges, primarily the need to deal honestly with  distressing subject matter while maintaining an overall positive and constructive tone.  The modules also contained a number of highly realistic role-play activities to help learners practice applying the skills and concepts in interactions with young people and their families.

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Risk Assessment Interactive Scenario

In this scenario, social workers are challenged to investigate beyond the superficial aspects of a troubled child’s home situation to identify the true, underlying risk factors.

Interactive scenario from e-learning training module
Mobile-friendly e-learning module screenshot
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Exploring Alternatives to Incarceration

We created these mobile-responsive e-learning modules in Articulate Rise to help Terre des hommes distribute training to law enforcement and criminal prosecutors on more constructive alternatives to incarceration for youth who break the law.

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Participatory Approaches to Youth Sexual Violence Services

This e-learning series featured extensive testimonial footage from real service providers on their experience with involving children and young people more actively in sexual violence prevention and recovery programs.

“E-learning development was new for our organization, but Sonata’s experts helped us work within our budget to create modern, visually appealing and instructionally sound courses and interactive simulations that have been quite popular with our audience!”

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Excerpt from interactive scenario in e-learning module
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Title slide from e-learning module created for Child Protection Hub