New employee reviews onboarding e-learning module on laptop while in the field

Accelerate the Learning Curve for Field Technicians

Sonata Learning helps technology companies onboard new technicians faster and cross-train experienced techs through coaching, workshops, e-learning, and interactive A.I. training simulations.

New employee reviews onboarding e-learning module on laptop while in the field

Introducing A.I. Powered Interactive Learning

Sonata can design sophisticated interactive A.I. training simulations and embed them into e-learning modules, websites, and mobile apps. This includes:

Role play activities for critical conversations (e.g., community engagement, negotiation, healthcare patient experience, etc.).

Complex simulation exercises for disaster response, program implementation, policymaking, and more.

Chatbots and virtual copilots for on-the-job support (e.g. walking someone through troubleshooting steps).

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Bridge the Skill Gap

If your company’s products require on-site installation, repair, or maintenance, then you know how difficult it is to train up new technicians. Sonata Learning will help you build a program that addresses technicians’ training needs from their first day on the job to working independently and eventually leading a team.

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Your Turn-Key Training Experts

Sonata Learning can help with all aspects of your technician training progam, including:

Job task analysis and skills assessment

Job Task Analysis and Skills Assessment

Our team will work with your senior staff to identify essential skills for techs at different levels, which can serve as a basis for your overall training strategy.

Instructor-led training and coaching

Instructor-Led Training & Coaching

We can develop high quality training curricula on general technical skills plus your company’s specific products and services. We will also train your senior technicians on coaching and adult learning best practices, to make sure training is effective.

On-demand videos and e-learning

On-Demand Videos & E-Learning

Our team will produce multimedia and interactive training materials that technicians can access any time, during their initial onboarding our when they’re out in the field.

Product and process documentation

Product & Process Documentation

Sonata Learning will capture your SOPs and product information and develop clear, well-organized job aids in digital or print format. We can also help implement knowledge base / document repository solutions to make information easily accessible.

Mentoring programs

Mentoring Programs

We help companies transfer knowledge from senior to junior staff, and prepare team members to serve as effective mentors, whether it’s part of a formal mentoring program or informally, on the job.

Manager works with employee to review project specs on-site

A Complete Set of Learning Solutions for Technology Companies

In addition to field technician training, Sonata Learning offers:

Management skills training to turn your top technicians into effective supervisors and leaders.

Technical sales training to help your technical experts transition into a presales or sales role.

Customer support and training resources to help clients get more value from your products, while reducing your own team’s support workload.

Educational marketing materials including high-quality explainer videos for your products and services.