Our Team

We develop learning programs to address your organization’s mission-critical performance needs. We help clients empower people to know more, do more and create positive change.

Emil Heidkamp


Emil’s experience covers the full spectrum of learning and related disciplines (knowledge management, digital transformation, educational marketing.) He has provided strategic and technical consulting to major international corporations (including multiple Fortune 50 companies), US and international government agencies, and – most significantly – international humanitarian and development NGOs.


Manager, Business Development

Kat helps Sonata Learning connect with new clients and respond to the needs of existing clients, overseeing our marketing, sales, proposal writing, and contracting functions.


Senior Learning Specialist

Doctor Piller is one of Sonata Learning’s senior Learning Specialists. When he isn’t working with Sonata clients, he is co-director of the writing program at Nicholls State University.


Senior Production Specialist

James is Sonata Learning’s senior Production Specialist, taking the contributions of the Learning Specialists who write the scripts for training content and Design Specialists who create the visuals and structuring them into a cohesive whole.


Senior Design Specialist

Henry is an award-winning illustrator and Sonata Learning’s senior Design Specialist, responsible for the visual look of the materials we create for clients.


Operations Specialist

Camila is Sonata Learning’s primary point of contact for recruiting, bookkeeping, accounts payable/receivable, technology platform administration, and scheduling (for meetings, travel, etc.)

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