Sonata Learning specializes in producing clear, compelling explainer videos that perfectly capture the value of your product or service.

High-impact explainers for any product, service or software…

A well-defined process

Sonata Learning specializes in producing clear, compelling, high-quality explainer videos that outline the value of your product/service to customers.

We provide quick turnaround and high quality at flat rates, in part because we have a well-defined process, honed over the course of many successful projects.

Here is how we will deliver your explainer video:


We will schedule an initial writing session (approx. 1 hour). Your team should bring a bullet point list of everything you want to say about your product or service (it doesn’t have to be very well-written/organized, just brainstorm ideas). During the session, Sonata Learning’s writer will help shape it into the beginnings of a rough script.


A few days later, we will send a link to a Google Doc with the draft script. Your team can then review it and make comments/suggestions.


After all review feedback has been received, we will schedule a second writing session (approx. 30 minutes) to finalize the script together


Once the script is approved, Sonata’s designers will send three visual design concepts. You can pick your favorite and sends over any comments for how to adjust it. The designer will create a finalized “mood board”.


Sonata will send MP3 demos for three VoiceOver talents matching your preferred type (male vs. female, young vs. mature) and a playlist of music choices.


Once the storyboard is approved and the audio is recorded, Sonata will animate the storyboard in time with the audio.


There will be one final round of review where your team can request minor adjustments to the animated video, after which the final product will be delivered as a high-resolution MP4 file, ready for upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove or any other platform.


In terms of timeline, for a one- to three-minute video, it takes:

About four days to do the script

About a week to produce the storyboards

About two weeks to animate

Plus whatever added time your team spends reviewing.

“Rush” pricing is available, but there are limits to how fast a quality video can be turned around.

Getting the Best Results

To ensure the project goes smoothly and avoid change orders / added expense, make sure anyone whose opinion matters is part of the early review process (i.e., if your Chief Marketing Officer needs to approve the final video, it’s probably good to have them give feedback on the script, rather than the final product.)

Once we move on to the next phase of the process, going back and requesting revisions to a previous phase (e.g., asking for changes to the script when we’re already storyboarding) may trigger change orders and fees.

And that is… pretty much how it works.

Our Promise to Clients

We look forward to delivering an awesome video that perfectly captures the personality and value of your brand!