The Art (and Science) of Effective E-Learning

E-learning isn’t just about cost savings and convenience. Done right, it can engage learners intellectually and emotionally the same way as in-person training.

E-Learning that Creates Human Connection

We believe in the power of interactivity, and create E-Learning experiences that your audience will actually enjoy.

This includes narration that feels more like a conversation with learners than a lecture, and interactions that go far beyond the rote box-clicking found in too many e-learning courses. Instead, we include things like “choose your own adventure” style role-play scenarios, critical thinking questions and assignments requiring learners to apply skills in the real world.

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Like a good movie, truly engaging e-learning starts with a great script.

Sonata Learning’s clients will attest to the quality of our writing, describing complex topics in plain language while adapting the voice and tone to fit the subject matter and audience. We also make sure that any case studies and anecdotes included in the course feel authentic, and reflect realistic situations our learners encounter in their day-to-day work/lives.

Visual Design

Sonata Learning’s team has been recognized within the industry for the high production quality of our e-learning and video content. We will work within your branding guidelines to offer learners an attractive, modern aesthetic that looks more like the work of an advertising agency than a typical training company.

A study by the 3M corporation found quality visuals can improve learning and retention by


Diversity and Representation

When selecting photos, we make sure images all look natural and realistic, as opposed to obviously staged stock imagery. We are also committed to diversity and inclusion in all our materials: any people depicted should reflect appropriate gender balance and diversity for the program’s audience.

A study published in the Journal of Social Psychology found women retain information 26% better when there is equitable gender representation in educational materials, and the same holds true for other aspects of a person’s identity.


Sonata Learning’s team can produce a wide range of video content for e-learning courses, inclusion in online learning courses including live interviews with experts and practitioners and animations of varying complexity, using tools like AfterEffects and Vyond.

Translation & Localization

Sonata Learning works with many international organizations, and we have experience working with translation vendors to localize e-learning content to any country or language.

Additional Samples

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