AI for Humanitarian Development NGOs
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Train and Support Humanitarian / Development Workers with AI

Sonata Learning helps humanitarian and development organizations deliver interactive simulation-based training and on-demand technical support using AI.

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Leveraging AI for Capacity Strengthening

From community-level organizations to government ministries to international NGOs, humanitarian and development programs face critical skill and labor gaps.  That’s why Sonata Learning helps hum-dev actors provide interactive training and on-demand “virtual coaches” to support their staff, partners, volunteers, and community members, at scale.  Check out the live demos below!

Role-Plays & Simulations

Help learners develop critical conversation and decision-making skills in realistic, interactive scenarios.

“Virtual Coaches” & Copilots

Provide expert technical support grounded in evidence-based frameworks on demand, anywhere in the world.

How AI can Strengthen Capacity

Training Simulations

Create interactive scenario-based training to develop technical skills, soft skills, and strategic decision-making.

Virtual Coaches

Create virtual coaches to answer questions and offer support at every level, from policy-making to frontline service delivery.

Interactive Assessments

Go beyond multiple choice questions, and deliver skills assessments and surveys using free response input.

Empowering People, Multiplying Impact

Since 2014, Sonata Learning has helped NGOs and humanitarian/development organizations create high-impact training, coaching, and mentoring programs for their staff, partners, and the public.  Our current work with AI is an extension of our commitment to helping clients create a more sustainable, just, and peaceful future.

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A few of our Clients

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We appreciate Microsoft’s generous support in providing resources for our ongoing work developing workforce training and education solutions using generative AI

Learn More About AI for Workforce Training

Download the Report

Sonata Learning co-facilitated a “Hum-Dev AI Lab” workshop with the UK consulting firm DevLearn and representatives from multiple international NGOs.  This report summarizes the high-priority use cases for AI identified by participants.

Committed to Your Mission

Sonata Learning is proud to serve some of the world’s leading humanitarian and development organizations, and will apply this experience to create learning solutions that empower your team, partners, and clientele.

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