Altius Learning is a team of veteran financial advisors who coach top-performing FAs from all of the major financial services firms on client acquisition and practice management.

Originally, Altius’ coaching was either delivered 1-on-1 or via in-person workshops. However, when a Fortune 50 financial services firm asked Altius to develop a large-scale program for all of its new hires, Altius partnered with Sonata Learning to redesign its traditional program for online delivery.

Sonata’s team interviewed financial advisors, managers and senior leadership from across the industry on the challenges facing new FAs, then applied that research to create a curriculum with materials for 9 months of small-group, online coaching sessions plus 20+ hours of self-study material.

Sonata Learning also held a workshop on virtual facilitation skills to help Altius’ coaches adapt their delivery to the online environment.

Since its launch, Altius’ “Million-Dollar Foundation” online coaching program has been implemented successfully with several major financial services companies, preparing hundreds of new FAs to succeed in the industry.

There has never been a better time for new financial advisors to enter the industry than right now. With Sonata Learning’s help we created and delivered a coaching experience that will help them take advantage of this opportunity.

Dave Mullen
Founder, Altius Learning