City Innovate provides software and services to help governments modernize their approach to IT procurement and source cutting-edge technology from innovative companies, beyond the usual public sector suppliers.

As a startup itself, City Innovate had to rapidly scale its support and training functions after the State of California licensed City Innovate’s solicitation writing and vendor management software for use by multiple agencies.  City Innovate needed to onboard dozens of system administrators quickly, so the state could start using its tools for urgent COVID-related procurements as soon as possible.

Sonata Learning helped City Innovate produce a comprehensive set of software training and support resources, including tutorial videos, a knowledge base, in-app tours and a half-day, instructor-led training for system administrators.  Sonata Learning also helped City Innovate develop workshops on procurement best practices, to help clients adopt the modern, “Challenge Based” approach City Innovate’s tools were designed to support.

Due to COVID-19, all user onboarding had to be conducted remotely.  To help, Sonata Learning delivered a half-day workshop for City Innovate’s staff on how to facilitate effective software training sessions via Zoom.

Between the self-service resources and onboarding workshops, City Innovate was able to deliver a smooth implementation and onboarding experience for California.  Beyond that, having a robust support and training resources in place allowed City Innovate to confidently sell its products to governments across North America, knowing they were prepared to service any client, at any scale.

“Sonata Learning has been a fantastic development partner for us, with an impressive combination of creativity, responsiveness and on-time delivery.”

Sean Ryan, CEO – Whitewater International Consulting

Motion graphics promo created by Sonata Learning

Software tutorial created by Sonata Learning