Tilt365 develops personality assessment tools trusted by leading companies in multiple industries, from Microsoft and Atlassian to DoorDash and Cliff Bar. Their approach differs from conventional assessments, viewing personality not as a fixed “type”, but as something people can consciously adapt to meet the demands of different situations.

In the past, Tilt365 would host live workshops to help client staff interpret and apply their assessment results. However, as their client base grew and companies cut back on live workshops post-pandemic, Tilt365 needed a way to deliver the same guidance online, at scale.

Sonata Learning worked with Tilt365 to create a series of e-learning modules to walk clients through their assessment results, with interactions and guided reflection assignments designed to help learners recognize and develop their character strengths. The courses also included animated vignettes showing how people with different behavior patterns and communication styles can learn to work more effectively as a team.

Click to play explainer video (produced by Sonata Learning)

The initial series of e-learning courses have been very well received by Tilt365’s clients, and have allowed the company to continue growing its business without having to linearly scale its team. Meanwhile, Tilt365 and Sonata are continuing to develop new course offerings to support other assessment tools and coaching programs.

Click to view e-learning screen shots

The Sonata team are top quality instructional designers. They are very quick to understand our content, and are confident in the way they share their expertise and guide us through the development process. I would recommend them to anyone looking to build training or marketing courseware.

Pam Boney
Founder and CEO, Tilt 365