Whitewater International Consulting, Inc. is a leadership and change management consulting firm with Fortune 500 clientele.

The company’s “Strategy to Execution” (S2X™) program was highly popular with clients, but the live workshop format and cost of delivery limited its potential audience.  One of WWICI’s major manufacturing clients needed a way to deliver the program to its team, from senior leaders to frontline performers, leading WWICI to seek Sonata Learning’s assistance.

Sonata Learning worked with WWICI to adapt the S2X™ materials into a blended learning program, incorporating self-guided e-learning modules for participants to review prior to attending live workshops. This allowed the workshops to be true “work”-shops where, instead of spending (expensive) face-to-face time on rote lecture, participants could focus on applying the principles learned through the online component.  Meanwhile, having the e-learning modules available for review enhanced retention, and application, of the material by program participants.

The e-learning modules developed include lively presentations, interactive quizzes and scenarios, assignments for participants to complete “offline” with their managers, narrated anecdotes from WWICI’s founder (and designer of the S2X™ framework) Sean Ryan, and video and audio testimonials by client staff, from the CEO to frontline production managers.  The result was an online experience that made the S2X program accessible to more learners than ever before, while preserving WWICI’s unique voice and philosophy.

“Sonata Learning has been a fantastic development partner for us, with an impressive combination of creativity, responsiveness and on-time delivery.”

Sean Ryan, CEO – Whitewater International Consulting