Coaching and mentoring are powerful tools for talent development.  Whichever approach you choose, Sonata Learning will help make your program a success.
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Do your people need coaching, mentoring, or a mix of both?

Coaches and mentors develop the potential of others in different ways.  Sonata Learning will help you identify which approach is right for the development needs of your team.

Coaching focuses narrowly on skill development.

Coaches evaluate an individual’s current performance, set targets, and offer a mix of encouragement and corrective feedback to help them reach their goals.

Mentoring takes a holistic approach to professional growth.

Mentoring is both a process and a relationship, with mentors acting as role models, advisors, champions, and/or coaches according to the needs of their mentee.

Strategies and Tools for a Better Coaching / Mentoring Experience

Sonata Learning has helped organizations of all types and sizes launch coaching and mentoring initiatives focused on leadership development, diversity & inclusion, and industry-specific technical skills.

Whichever approach you take, Sonata Learning will help outline the goals and structure for your program, and train your people to be better coaches and mentors to their colleagues.

Engagements typically include:

There has never been a better time for new financial advisors to enter the industry than right now. With Sonata Learning’s help we created and delivered a coaching experience that will help them take advantage of this opportunity.

Dave Mullen
Founder, Altius Learning

Sonata Learning is a company that I highly recommend. They are thorough, meet deadlines and provide a great client experience.  They have basically become an extension of our team.

Paul Robinson
Founder, ConstructReach