Colleagues discuss concepts covered in professional development module

Harness Your Organization’s Knowledge

Sonata Learning helps clients take a systematic approach to knowledge transfer to enhance performance, strengthen culture, and adapt to change.

Colleagues discuss concepts covered in professional development module
Key employee shares knowledge with team members during meeting

Knowledge is one of your organization’s most critical resources, yet few organizations manage knowledge as rigorously as financial, material, or human resources. Sonata Learning will help you develop a comprehensive knowledge management strategy and start realizing the benefits, including:

  • Better decision-making and problem-solving
  • Preventing “knowledge loss” when key team members leave
  • Saving time and effort by helping teams leverage what others have done vs. “reinventing the wheel”
  • Driving innovation by promoting the spread of new ideas and ways of working
  • Accelerating onboarding and succession planning for team members assuming new roles
  • Strengthening culture by ensuring everyone has access to important information

A Holistic Approach to KM

Sonata Learning’s consultants helps clients improve Knowledge Management in four key areas:

Knowledge capture, creation, and curation

Capture, Creation & Curation

Identifying sources of knowledge (manuals, in-house experts, outside websites, etc.) and efficient methods to capture and share it (annotated documents, screen capture videos, etc.)

Information sharing and asset management

Asset Management

Selecting the best technology platforms for storing and sharing information, and developing a scheme for organizing/tagging assests to make them find-able and accessible.

Formal and informal networks for knowledge transfer


Every organization has informal networks for knowledge transfer. We can help you identify where existing networks are working well, and where more formal systems are needed.

Active dissemination of knowledge

Active Dissemination

While we want to help people access knowledge on demand, sometimes it needs to be “pushed” to key audiences via training, newsletters, websites and other channels.

Our Services

Needs assessment


We begin by interviewing stakeholders and auditing existing KM platforms, policies, and capabilities.

Designers meet with stakeholder to discuss branding and strategy


Sonata will work with your team to co-create solutions tailored to your goals, capabilities, and culture.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and organizational policies

SOPs and

From high-level policies to step-by-step checklists, we will document every aspect of your KM solution.

Technology selection


Our team will help select the best technologies for your needs, and/or leverage your existing tech platforms.

User interacts with content in e-learning module


Sonata can develop and deliver training to support KM projects, including live and self-guided resources.

Training program implementation support


We will support your in-house KM team, people managers, and IT through the rollout of solutions.

Communication to bring about organizational change


Sonata can create emails, presentations and videos to encourage participation in KM initiatives.

Evaluation, assessment, and iteration of professional development and training initiatives

and Iteration

The implementation plan will include pre-defined checkpoints for reviewing progress towards goals.