Performance Support Resources

Provide “just in time” tools and information to support people on the job.

“Learning” Doesn’t Always Mean “Training”

In a world where we all have instant access to a world of knowledge, learning doesn’t have to be confined to formal training programs. It can occur at any time, anywhere, from researchers sharing links to journal articles, software developers posting technical questions on online forums, or mechanics looking up videos on how to repair a certain type of engine.

Sonata Learning can help your organization embrace this kind of just-in-time, freeform learning by creating and curating libraries of Performance Support Resources (PSRs) that employees can reference on the job.

Courses vs. Resources

Performance Support Resources (PSRs) can take many forms – from official manuals and whitepapers to third-party blogs, videos, webinars, books, podcasts, checklists, spreadsheets, “cheat sheets”, templates, and more.

Organizations that actively encourage people to leverage these kinds of resources can reap significant benefits, including:

Cost Savings

Creating checklists, curating libraries of research articles, or compiling playlists of online videos are typically more cost-effective than developing or purchasing long-form training courses.

Time Savings

Not only are PSRs faster to develop than traditional training, they are also meant to be consumed in the course of people’s day-to-day work, minimizing interruptions. They can also be updated or replaced quickly to adapt to industry trends and changing organizational needs.


PSRs are more adaptable than conventional training. People can select the information most relevant to their current task or situation, in their preferred format (articles, videos, etc.)

How Sonata Learning Helps You Leverage PSRs

Sonata can help your team create, curate, disseminate, and integrate PSRs into people’s day-to-day workflows. Specifically, we can provide support with:

PSR Creation / Curation

Developmentof checklists, cheat sheets, bite-size articles and videos – or assembling and annotating pre-existing content.

Asset Management

Setting up repositories where team members can easily find up to date, relevant resources posted by the organization or their peers.

Sharing / Dissemination

Encouraging people to leverage and share available resources, so the whole organization can benefit.

Quality Control

Defining standards and review processes to ensure that third-party resources are consistent with your organization’s policies/SOPs.

No more training courses?

While PSRs are a great solution for a wide range of performance challenges, people need more than a YouTube video or a checklist to master complex tasks (e.g., wiring a telecommunications control room) or entirely new work processes or strategies.

PSRs complement conventional learning programs by:

Helping expert-level performers incorporate new techniques and technologies into their work

Reinforcing skills and knowledge that audiences already possess, but might apply consistently

Providing just-in-time instructions on skills and processes that are only needed infrequently

Ensuring consistent adherence to SOPs and guidelines

Our Promise to Clients

We will listen deeply to your needs, analyze the tasks you want people to perform, and understand the challenges and aspirations of your target audience. Then we will apply that insight to help educate, motivate, and support people to accomplish your organization’s goals.