A New World
of Interactive

Sonata Learning’s new app, Parrotbox, creates AI powered role-plays, simulations, and learning activities that report SCORM and xAPI data to your LMS – just like traditional e-learning!

Track AI Interactions in Your LMS with SCORM!

Watch the video below to see how different types of AI-generated activities (i.e., role plays, simulations, quiz generators) can report data to an LMS using SCORM!

Interactive Learning Powered by AI

Sonata Learning is using generative AI to create entirely new kinds of interactive learning experiences.  Try the demos below!

How Parrotbox Makes AI SCORM-Compliant

Parrotbox sits between end users and your organization’s generative AI account. In addition to other special features, it allows AI prompts to report scores and process data in the background during a conversation, without the user seeing it.

The player can be embedded directly into a website, launched in a new window, or uploaded to your LMS in SCORM .zip package, just like a traditional e-learning module.

More Learning-Specific Features

In addition to SCORM and xAPI reporting, Parrotbox offers special features to transform ChatGPT and other AI platforms into effective learning tools.

Time limits and ending conditions for sessions.

Custom action buttons that let users interact with a click.

RAG Integration to let AI reference uploaded files while keeping content secure.

Display images, videos, and audio files directly within AI responses.

Audio input for both desktop and mobile.

Export transcripts via API to a database or file.

Promote Security, Scalability, and Responsible AI Use

A major concern with adopting generative AI for education and workplace training is that users will use AI platforms in ways that your organization did not intend. Parrotbox can help manage these risks by controlling what AI prompts users can interact with and placing limits on sessions (e.g. by time, length, or number of sessions).

Additionally, Parrotbox can manage costs by allowing multiple users to share an account without seeing each others’ conversations.

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Start using generative AI for learning today!

Sonata Learning is your partner for integrating AI into your learning programs with Parrotbox – reach out via the form below to learn more!